Esports Recruiting Profile: How to Update Yours for the New Year

Esports Recruiting Profile: How to Update Yours for the New Year

If you’re anything like us, you are likely searching for ways to make 2024 your best esports recruiting year yet. There is no better way to start your 2024 than by updating your Stay Plugged In esports recruiting profile!

In our conversations with college esports recruiters, Stay Plugged In has found that an incomplete or outdated esports recruiting profile is the quickest way to decrease collegiate recruiter outreach. 

So whether you rushed to create one to beat the registration deadline of your first SPIN esports recruiting event, or your information has simply changed over time, we are here to make sure you have all the resources you need to get your esports recruiting profile updated.

What is an esports recruiting profile?

An esports recruiting profile showcases your skills, achievements, and relevant information to attract the attention of college esports recruiters looking to build their rosters. An updated esports recruiting profile gives colleges a great first impression which can lead to more esports scholarship opportunities for you.

Quick Tips for an effective esports recruiting profile

Give your biography a personal touch

The biography section of your esports recruiting profile is open-ended, allowing you to include details about yourself without the constraints of any specific prompt. For this reason, your bio is a great place to express what is unique about you as a recruit to help you stand out amongst other recruits of the same class.

Let recruiters know:

  • Your playstyle and competitive strengths

  • Any notable tournament finishes

  • Previous work experience and/or community efforts in the esports industry

  • Any and all extracurricular activities you participate in whether esports related or not

  • Any esports or academic awards you have received at your current school

  • Anything else you would want colleges to know about you

Double-check your tracker link

A tracker link that is either private or invalid is a big turn-off for a college viewing your esports recruiting profile. There is simply no way esports recruiters can verify your real-time competitive rank without a working tracker. If you change your Epic/Riot/Steam ID, always make sure you update your tracker in your SPIN Player Profile. To learn how you can update your tracker within your profile, see the “How to update your Stay Plugged In esports recruiting profile” at the bottom of this article.

Make sure to fill out every piece of information possible

Don’t have any/all social media accounts? We recommend creating and utilizing them to grow your own personal brand.

Not sure exactly what or where you want to study? It’s okay! A majority of high school students don’t :

  • Select any fields of study that you may have interest in so you can learn more about those opportunities from college reps!

  • As you learn more about certain fields of study, you can continue to update your profile along the way

Upload clips to “My VOD” section

Did you know you can add highlights and clips of your gameplay to your profile? Easily show off your mechanics, playstyles, and more by uploading clips!

How to update your Stay Plugged In esports recruiting profile

  1. Log in to your Stay Plugged In account (Don’t have a player profile yet? No worries! You can create a player profile for free!)

  2. Go to your Dashboard by clicking the dropdown arrow next to your name and profile picture located at the top right of the page and selecting the “Dashboard” option

  3. Bring up your profile by selecting “My Profile” from the options listed along the left side of your Dashboard

  4. Access the Edit page by clicking the “Edit Profile” button at the bottom right of your profile. Scroll down if you need to

  5. Edit the information on your profile to reflect the most accurate and up-to-date information possible. Make sure to click “Save Changes” and ensure all changes have appeared on your player profile.