Stay Plugged In partners with B U Gamerz!

Stay Plugged In partners with B U Gamerz!

Stay Plugged In, the leading scholastic esports recruitment platform, is proud to announce a new partnership with B U Gamerz, an organization dedicated to promoting esports among historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). Through this partnership, B U Gamerz will leverage Stay Plugged In’s innovative platform to connect student gamers with college esports programs across the country.

As part of the partnership, Stay Plugged In will provide a streamlined solution for HBCU students to showcase their esports skills to college recruiters. Through Stay Plugged In’s platform, students can create a profile highlighting their gaming experience and achievements, connect with college esports programs, and receive personalized recruitment offers.

"We're excited to partner with B U Gamerz to help drive connectivity within the HBCU esports space," said Cody Dragon. "Scholastic esports is a growing sector of our industry, and we're committed to providing opportunities for diverse and underrepresented student gamers to pursue their passions and achieve their goals both in and out of game.” B U Gamerz will also benefit from the partnership by gaining access to Stay Plugged In’s extensive network of college esports programs and industry connections. Through the Stay Plugged In platform, B U Gamerz can expand its reach and help more HBCU students gain exposure to college esports opportunities.

Charity Rin Philips, CEO of B U Gamerz states, “I am proud to partner with the Carolina Esports Hub. Our partnership will help create a safe space for all levels of gaming and make a pipeline for high school students in the esports industry. With Stay Plugged In, we can help students make their mark in this industry and level the playing field for our HBCU institutions. From competitive play to leagues, tournaments, and curriculum B U Gamerz is here to fill in the missing piece to student accessibility in this space!”

Together, Stay Plugged In and B U Gamerz are committed to increasing diversity in esports and creating pathways for underrepresented students to pursue their passions. With this new partnership, we hope to empower the next generation of esports talent and create a more inclusive industry. For more information about Stay Plugged In and B U Gamerz, please visit their respective websites at and