Esports Scholarships: How to set up your social media for success

Esports Scholarships: How to set up your social media for success

When looking for college esports scholarships, social media is a great way to get yourself out there. 

Your follower count doesn’t matter so much as the content of your social media profile.

Stay Plugged In is here to help you build your social media brand for success.

Setting up your profile for Esports Scholarships / Recruiting

When you’re looking for college esports scholarships, you want to put your best foot forward, especially on social media. Your timeline is your first impression! 

Have clear information in your social media bio. Consider adding wording such as “looking for college esports opportunities” so college coaches know you want to be recruited.

Include your general location on your profile. You do not need to include your city or state, but you can use regional wording such as “midwest”, “east/west coast”, “south”.

Make sure your direct messages are set to “open” so that college coaches can reach you. Alternatively, make sure contact information is readily available on your profile.

Include a link to your recruiting profile.

Show off your skills

Post clips of your gameplay! 

Show off your aces, crazy headshots, or even moments where you lead your team through a successful team fight. 

Posting clips can not only help you grow your following, but it could help you grab the attention of college coaches on your timeline.

Interact in College Esports Twitter

Follow and interact with college esports programs. 

If you’re interested in a particular college esports club or program, the first place you should check is their Twitter! 

Many clubs and programs highlight their players, their esports labs, or just tweet out general information about their organization.

Twitter can be a great place to connect and learn more about college esports programs across the country.

Be mindful

Consider using Twitter Circles or private accounts for non-esports or non-recruiting related content.

Be careful what you post, because once you hit enter, it’s out there forever!

Social media should enhance what you’re already doing to get recruited. It’s just another tool in your toolset, always be sure to use everything at your disposal.

If you have any questions, be sure to join the Stay Plugged In Discord or contact one of our recruiting specialists today.