Esports Recruiting Tips: 5 Things You Need to Prepare Before Carry2College

Esports Recruiting Tips: 5 Things You Need to Prepare Before Carry2College

Stay Plugged In is set to host our marquee online college esports recruiting event, Carry2College (C2C), beginning later this month. 

With the bounteous amount of collegiate esports recruiters ready to scout and connect with upcoming talent, Stay Plugged In’s Carry2College offers tons of opportunities for students to take advantage of.

To help you make the most out of your C2C experience, Stay Plugged In recruiting specialists have put together a list of 5 things you need to prepare so you can focus on demonstrating what makes you an outstanding recruit.

1. An updated Stay Plugged In esports recruiting profile

The moment you click “Register” for Carry2College, your Stay Plugged In esports recruiting profile is added to the scouting report that attending college esports recruiters will receive in advance. 

For this reason, your SPIN profile is likely the first thing that college coaches and directors will see. Keep in mind that there will be hundreds of students in attendance for collegiate esports recruiters to track, and an updated profile is a great way to leave a memorable first impression.

Updating your profile will also allow you to construct talking points to bring up in your conversations with college recruiters, and will also help you determine what you should put on your recruiting resume that you will leave with them after Carry2College concludes.

(Click here to learn how you can update your player profile with accurate and relevant information)

2. An updated academic & esports resumé

College recruiters are looking to ensure they find players who both benefit their current rosters in-game and meet the academic requirements of their college admissions office. 

Preparing and distributing a resume that covers your achievements in both Esports and Academics gives you the best chance at keeping your name at the top of any college recruiter’s list.

Consider the following topics for your resumé:

Academic Achievements

  • Your GPA and your highest SAT & ACT scores (for upperclassmen)

  • Any and all academic awards

  • Extracurricular activities you are involved in (clubs, sports, esports programs, etc)

Esports Achievements

  • Tournament participation & results

  • A working link to your in-game tracker and any site tracking competitive experience

  • A highlight reel or links to any in-game clips or replays

3. An elevator pitch to present at the college fair

An elevator pitch is a quick, spoken presentation that consists of who you are as a recruit and what you are looking for in a college program. Your elevator pitch should be 60-90 seconds, and include the strongest parts of your resumé.

Here are some topics we suggest you include in your elevator pitch to recruiters during the college fair:

Talk about your in-game skills

  • How long have you been playing the game?

  • What are some notable results from tournaments you’ve participated in?

  • What are your current and peak ranks on your game’s ranked system

Talk about your successes and experience in the classroom

  • Share your GPA and test scores, and how you plan on maintaining and/or improving them

  • What honors or AP classes are you taking?

  • Is your academic background stronger than others in your class?

Talk about yourself as a recruit and what sets you apart from others

  • What are some of the ways you show heightened determination and dedication to competing at the collegiate level?

  • Are you an IGL or have experience leading a team in a competitive or work environment?

4. Questions to ask attending colleges

The College Fair is not only meant for coaches to learn about you, but for you to learn about their program. 

Some questions you could ask them include the following:

What would tuition look like for me while attending your college?

  • Would you qualify for in-state tuition or does out-of-state tuition apply?

  • What esports scholarships are available?

  • What other academic scholarships and grants can they offer you?

What are the goals of your program and what can I expect as a student and competitor?

  • Think: Do these align with my own personal goals?

  • Think: Will this program offer me the esports experience I’m looking for?

  • Think: Will this program offer me the college life and academic experience I’m looking for?

5. A positive attitude and mindset

It’s important to remember that Stay Plugged In recruiting events like Carry2College are not all about the results or securing the bag.

Don’t get us wrong, adding a C2C win to your resume is nice, but this is just temporary at the end of the day.

A vast majority of college recruiters look for intangible qualities like strong communication, leadership, and a positive attitude, which are more valuable in a recruit than tournament results.

There are many ways you can express your positive attitude and mindset during your C2C experience:

Keep an open mind when attending the college fair

  • Try and learn about as many programs in attendance as possible

  • There is zero drawback in speaking to every college, even if they may not pique your interest right away

Show good sportsmanship during your matches. Colleges are watching

  • Are you a player who makes excuses for a loss, or one who recognizes what part of their own gameplay can be improved for better team results?

  • Are you a player who gets cocky during a win and toxic during a loss, or one who gets excitable during a win and stays humble during a loss?

Display your teamwork abilities. Help a teammate or colleague with their C2C experience

  • Help them with an aspect of their gameplay that they struggle with that you know you are particularly strong in

  • Help them start a conversation with colleges if they’re nervous

  • Link them to this article so that they can be as prepared as you are for C2C

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