Esports Jobs: The basics

Esports Jobs: The basics

While the majority of college esports players may not go on to play professionally, there are plenty of career opportunities through college esports and beyond collegiate.

Collegiate Esports Jobs

For students looking to pursue college, many schools have started to offer non-player scholarships for esports. These non-player scholarships include:

  • Social Media

  • Casting

  • Coaching

Additionally, some programs offer graduate assistant positions for those looking to pursue their masters or PhD. 

As schools continue to add esports programs to their offerings, many schools hire directors or head coaches to run their program.

Beyond Collegiate

There are many jobs within the college esports industry outside of those at a college. Additionally, there are careers beyond collegiate, in the greater esports or gaming industries.

Check out this list of a variety of esports jobs: 

  • Caster/host/talent

  • Content creator

  • Social media

  • Community management

  • Project management

  • Tournament operations

  • Broadcast

There are many esports-adjacent degrees that you can pursue that can help you get a job in college esports or the greater esports/gaming industries. 


Networking is the process of making connections and building relationships in your industry. It can be absolutely key to find and secure job opportunities in esports.

By networking and/or getting involved in grassroots organizations and projects, it can propel you ahead towards securing a job opportunity in esports.

If you are a college student, many professional esports organizations such as TSM or Evil Geniuses have collegiate-specific Discord servers where they host online industry panels, resume reviews, and mixers to make connections within the college esports industry. 

Additionally, joining industry or role specific Discord servers or attending in-person events can be a great way to network and put yourself out there.