Carry2College 2023 Reveal

Carry2College 2023 Reveal

We at Stay Plugged In are so excited to announce the next rendition of Carry2College for 2023!

  • Carry2College Winter Part 1 will consist of Rocket League and Overwatch, and will take place on January 21st-22nd, 2023. 

  • Carry2College Winter Part 2 will include Valorant and League Of Legends taking place on February 4th & 5th, 2023.

With this announcement comes some structural changes as well as an increase in the total prize pool! 

So what will this next C2C look like?

We will have two variants of each tournament per title: 

  1. Open Play Competition 

  2. Divisional Play Competition. 

Players can pick to compete in either competition, but not both over the course of the weekend. Let’s break these down one-by-one.

Open Play Competition:

  • Players can elect to sign up for this portion of the event. 

  • Group Stages

    • Players will be seeded into groups of up to 4 teams.

    • Seeding will be determined based on the average in-game rank of all players from teams that provide accurate trackers. (VLR,, etc)

      • The season of rank may vary based on the number of completed matches per competitive season. See the rules for the detailed explanation.

    • Seeding will be a snake-based seed. 

      • Ex. (with 16 teams / 4 groups of 4)

        • Group 1: Teams 1, 8, 9, 16

        • Group 2: Teams 2, 7, 10, 15

        • Group 3: Teams 3, 6, 11, 14

        • Group 4: Teams 4, 5, 12, 13

    • Teams will then play the other 3 opponents in their groups on Day 1

    • After the Group Stages, seeding/advancement will be determined via:

      • First, Overall Record

      • Second, Round Differential

      • Third, Head to Head Results. 

  • Bracket Play

    • The top 2 teams from each group will advance to bracket play.

    • Teams are seeded into the bracket purely based on their Group Stage performances. 

    • Bracket Play will be Single Elimination 

  • Prizing

    • Prize Pool will be dispersed for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place teams. 

    • Prize Splits are TBD.

Divisional Play Competition:

  • Players can opt into this competition. Remember, players must play in either this Divisional Play Competition or the Open Play, not both! 

    • Competition will consist of seeded divisions, conducted in a Swiss competition format.  

    • Each team is guaranteed to have 2 matches streamed throughout the weekend.

    • Winners will be the team that has the best record after all Division games have been played. 

  • Prizing

    • $100 prize for the winner of their respective division.

These changes in formats yield the best combination of competitive play for players of all skill ranges to get the maximum recruiting value out of the largest and best online recruiting event of the year. 

Stay tuned for more details and announcements regarding Carry2College on our social media pages!

Register now for Carry2College Winter and reserve your spot in the competition.