2023 Stay Plugged In Coca-Cola All-Star | All-Star Reveal

2023 Stay Plugged In Coca-Cola All-Star | All-Star Reveal

We are incredibly excited to announce our forty 2023 Stay Plugged In Coca-Cola All-Stars today.

We received a number of incredible nominations throughout this process. Every nomination was evaluated in the light of the four pillars we established in the guidelines of this competition: Gameplay, Sportsmanship, Intangibles & Supporting Nominations.  Many of the decisions were incredibly close and difficult throughout the selection process. Ultimately, our Selection Committee selected the forty players whose nominations best encompassed the four pillars mentioned previously. For those nominees that didn’t make it, we sincerely appreciate your efforts and encourage you to try again next year.

After a rigorous evaluation of the nominees by the Selection Committee,  Stay Plugged In and Coca-Cola are pleased to announce the 40 All-Stars that comprise the 2023 class: 

Northeast Region


  • Ev0FPS, Junior (PA)

  • Curry, Senior (NJ)

  • Scrt, Senior (CT) 

  • Discoloredpig, Senior (NY)

  • Leone, Junior (NJ)

  • Bigtonkat_, Junior (NY

Rocket League

  • Wahvey, Junior (NY)

  • Gababy, Senior (MD)

  • Ennzo, Senior (NY)

  • Kayrl, Junior (MD)

South Region


  • Koupert, Senior (FL)

  • swizleGOD, Junior (NC)

  • Ballingcat43, Junior (FL)

  • E7_retro, Senior (NC)

  • Polyx, Junior (GA)

  • Rogue, Junior (NC)

Rocket League

  • Adrift, Senior (TN)

  • Sorus, Senior from(NC)

  • Corrupt Kevin, Senior (GA)

  • Cole, Senior (FL)

Midwest Region


  • Domi, Senior (IL)

  • Zuevos, Senior (OH)

  • Riv6r, Senior from (IN)

  • S9cred, Senior (OH)

  • Avien, Senior (MI)

  • Fair, Senior (TX)

Rocket League

  • Fiv3Up, Senior (OH)

  • Buyable, Senior (OH)

  • Opp_Bomb, Senior (MI)

  • Sayzio, Senior (IL)

West Region


  • Booey, Senior (CA)

  • Rascal, Senior (CA)

  • Skyy, Senior(CA)

  • Uzui, Junior (WA)

  • Melloton, Senior (CA)

  • Bobstar, Senior (CA)

Rocket League

  • S5-Cosmic, Senior (CA)

  • Oxy, Senior (CA)

  • Feebs, Junior (AZ)

  • Collat, Senior (WA)

These All-Stars will receive a one-of-a-kind rewards bundle delivered to your front door, as well as a scholarship minimum amount of $250. Further prizing will be available during All-Stars Weekend for our champions & individual award winners.

Congratulations to all forty of our 2023 Stay Plugged In Coca-Cola All-Stars! We are excited for our upcoming All-Stars Weekend, where these forty players will have the opportunity to attend a College Fair, compete in a skills challenge and the penultimate championship bracket to crown the best region in each game.